You’re in good company.

Andara sparkles with new friends, engaging activities and peace of mind for the future.

Andara is tailor-made for those who want to stay involved and learn new things. Our SESSIONS holistic enrichment activities support the totality of life with a wide variety of social, creative and wellness programs—many of which are available only at Andara. Here you’ll feel moved and supported to pursue your passions. Andara paves the way for fulfilling experiences and connections, driven by the needs and wishes of our residents.

A symphony of experience


Our proprietary SYMPHONY program is the heartbeat of Andara, delivering a rhythmic flow of positive experiences. Our holistic approach to community engagement supports all aspects of life: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual. Taken together, these experiences not only contribute to individual happiness and wellness, but also create meaningful bonds and caring connections between our staff, family members and the larger community.

IN•Tune Fitness


We believe that staying true to wellness goals is easier when you are a part of an encouraging community that embraces healthy living. To that purpose, Andara offers IN•Tune Fitness, a proprietary wellness program developed by Cadence Senior Living. Exercises are based on resident interest, such as gentle yoga, chair yoga, dance, balance, tai chi, cardio fit and strength training. We’re also big believers in using the brain’s natural neuroplasticity to enhance the quality of life. By choosing to stay physically active and mentally engaged, eat right and develop meaningful connections and experiences, we can improve our body, mind and mood.

ENCORE Culinary Services

ENCORE Cuisine

Andara’s ENCORE Culinary Services is an engagement of the senses. We offer all-day dining services in a casual, welcoming atmosphere. Because we know good health starts with healthy food, Andara recipes are crafted with fresh ingredients. Menus are influenced by resident preferences and their personal feedback to the ENCORE dining team. Mealtimes are fun, social and entertaining—great times with interesting friends in a lively venue. In fact, our residents invite their friends and family members to join them for a dinner out—right where they live! But most importantly, ENCORE can accommodate most special dietary needs, including food allergies and sensitivities. Just let us know, and we’ll work together to create suitable alternatives for you.

Sessions life enrichment - Andara Senior Living

SESSIONS Life Enrichment

Studies show that physical activity, mental stimulation and social connection can significantly slow decline as we age. Enter SESSIONS Life Enrichment Program at Andara. SESSIONS supports the totality of life with an engaging activities calendar designed to elevate the happiness and well-being of our residents. SESSIONS activities include plenty of special celebrations, support groups, art classes, bocce ball games, pool table tournaments, Wii bowling league, card games, movie nights, community book clubs, sing-alongs, lectures and excursions to cultural events in and around the Scottsdale area.

Aria Arts Program


Creativity and self-expression are timeless experiences. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, Andara’s Aria Arts Program offers a wide variety of classes and artistic encounters across different mediums and popular culture.

Supportive Environment


Assistance within a community like ours can open up new possibilities, which may not be available to those living in isolation without a supportive, caring community of peers by their side. Andara takes care of household chores such as housekeeping, laundry, meals and transportation, including chauffeur services. We free up residents so they can pursue other activities and interests. They can invest more time in wellness, intellectual and artistic pursuits, and nurturing new friendships. Our hospitality-centered approach to community life means we work with residents to coordinate outside medical appointments, while conveniently providing essential services such as haircuts, manicures, pedicures and massage appointments right where they live.

Cadence Choir


As Plato said, “Music gives wings to the mind.” Residents, friends, family and the local community are invited to join the Cadence Choir. From beginners to professionals, the Cadence Choir is a joy for all who participate and all who listen.

Holistic Community Engagement


At Andara, we believe each of our communities should become a meaningful hub of connection to the outside world. Our commitment to lifelong learning means opening up our intellectual and entertainment programming to include neighborhood book clubs, lecture series, arts and crafts workshops, meditation classes, music-based activities and live performances. We engage with community life through social outings to local restaurants, Broadway shows, museums, casinos, cultural attractions, volunteer organizations and travel clubs. Residents tell us what they’re interested in learning, doing and experiencing, and we make it happen. Through creative expression, play and stimulating activities, we weave together a fabric of experiences to enliven both the community around us and the lives of the residents we serve.

Living at Andara can open up new possibilities for engaging socially, all within a supportive, caring environment. Fill out the form below or give us a call at (480) 451-1800!

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